About Us

Our company has an extensive knowledge of the rental market in Downtown Bucharest, working in this business area for 6 years. As well as providing accommodation in Bucharest serviced apartments, Corporate Apartments also offers carefully selected long term rental apartments in sought after residential locations.
Our team is well trained in helping even the biggest international companies with complete accommodation services for their employees and partners. We are not the biggest company on the market yet, but we are one of the most efficient companies in this field, and this is the most important thing for our clients.
They ask for something and they get it, no delay !

To be able to see what companies have already chosen us as business partners, we list some of them below:
Oracle Romania   General Electric   Estee Lauder Romania


  Leumi Bank Romania   Siemens Romania
Wipro BPO  

  Vodafone Romania
 Roche    OnMobile Global    Auchan Romania


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