1. What is the difference between the “Long term apartments” category and the “Serviced apartments” one ?
The difference between the “long term rental” properties and the “serviced” ones is made by the package of services provided along with the actual rental agreement, such as cleaning, clothes washing and ironing. Also, the long term rental apartments can be rented without furniture in some cases. The tenant pays less than for a serviced apartment, but has the possibility to customize the space as he considers fit. The utilities are usually not included in the

2. What is the difference between Corporate Apartments Bucharest and a classic aparthotel ?
The extended-stay hotels have very tight-space apartments with small kitchens. We provide generous  fully-furnished apartments( 2,3, 4 rooms) with separate living-rooms, so that it can satisfy the needs of a business traveler as well as of a family which comes to sightsee Bucharest.
3. What is the standard capacity of a serviced apartment ?  
In order that the client to have a high comfort level across the entire period he/she stays with us, every apartment has a maximum limit of persons that it can accommodate. For a 2-room apartment, the maximum number of persons is 2; for a 3-room the number is 3.
4. What equipments are included in a short term serviced apartment?
Every property is designed with luxury furniture and modern accessories, full-size appliances & home electronics. The towels and linens are also included. for a serviced apartment, the rental rate includes all the utilities, for the convenience of our clients.

5. Do you offer an airport shuttle service ?
Because Bucharest does not have a strong public transport connection between the airports and Downtown, many of our clients ask for a shuttle service from the airport to the apartments. We provide this service also, using premium brand cars. All you have to do is give your arrival/departure coordinates, and we will organize everything.

6.  The reservation period is limited in any way ?

For the long term apartments category, we have a minimum limit of 1 year. The maximum period is not limited in any way.

For the serviced apartments, there is a maxium limit of 1 year, and no minimum period. The reservation can be as short as you want, depending on your specific needs. With Corporate Apartments Bucharest, you decide how long you stay. If you need an extension, you need to announce us and we will try to resolve the request, if there is no other reservation already booked for your property. The only thing needed is to comply with our Cancellation and Extension Policies.

7.  Do you offer corporate discounts ? 

The list of our clients contains very big companies, which have chosen us for long term collaborations, both on long term rental area and also with the serviced apartments services. If your company needs corporate housing on a regular schedule and you want to have custom-made rates, please contact us at office@rentbucharest.net or create a request.

8. Do you apply  V.A.T.  to your services ?

 Depending on the type of service required, the Value Added Tax may be reclaimed in some circumstances, so check for this info at the moment you make your reservation.

9. What is the client’s financial advantage ?

Short term rental apartments offer many services at prices much lower than a hotel room, where the extra facilities increase the tariff. Ironically, even if you pay for the "star winning" hotel facilities, you seldom used them at all.

10. Is there a deposit required ?

For the long term rental properties, the deposit is usually one month of rent and is required at the moment of closing the rental agreement.  
For the serviced apartments, the deposit is variable, depending on the specifics of each reservation request. You can pay the deposit cash, with a credit card or by bank transfer. Our staff will tell you which is the simplest way to do this, as well as providing details on when and how this deposit is refunded.

11. What is the process of reservation all about ?

Send us a booking/reservation form from our site, or call to tell us what are your requirements. From that moment, one of our colleagues will help you in completing the reservation as fast as possible. To be able to help you better and more efficient, please create your own reservation request by completing our request form.